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Driving license needed

  • 18-07-2021 11:28am
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    If an employer states in their job advertisement that a license is needed, would that mean they want you to have your own car as well?

    I have a license, but no car. The place is easily accessible by public transport and I cycle everywhere anyways, so I don't need a car and have no problems getting to and from the place if I get the job.


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    If they want you to have your own car they should say so. You've seen the job description - is it likely they'll need you to drive regularly? If not, and it's just that on occasion you might need to visit another location or meet with people away from your normal place of business, you can always rent a car for the day if they don't provide one.

    Don't let it put you off applying anyway, just be upfront in the interview so that they can plan accordingly.

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    The ad says licence needed. You have one.

    There's no mention of a car so you don't mention it either.

    You've reached the qualifying criteria so just apply!

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    We have roles that require a full driving licence but its for driving work vehicles, there is no requirement to own your own car.