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Relocating to Ireland - question about tax

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    Registered Users Posts: 3 Dominic33

    Hi folks,

    I hope you can help me understand something about my tax in Ireland. I've accepted a position which I will take up in October and I am trying to calculate my monthly disposable income.

    My salary per annum (prior to income tax and social deductions) is €39,186.00 and my employer's contribution to PRSI costs per annum is €4,330.

    Now, I've calculated that my PRSI on a salary of €39,186.00 should be €1567. Is that amount simply deducted from my employers contribution? Or do I need to add the €4,330 employers contribution to my gross salary before calculating? Or something else altogether?

    Sorry if it seems like a dumb question, I haven't dealt with employers PRSI contribution before.



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