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CPA student - need help

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    During the first lockdown , I started studying CPA subjects online and I've been at that ever since. I've taken and passed four exams, and have two more coming in September. It's been going well so far, but I know that it's all useless unless I get inside a practice and get workplace mentoring and experience. I have no experience - so I'm just wondering what should I do next, in order to get at trainee role? I have a level 6 in business, so I could go and get a level 7 degree. Or should I just continue to plough through the CPA exams, so by next summer I'll be onto to strategic level? Is a degree absolutely essential, or if I had most of the exams done would that be enough? I've applied for admin/office type jobs also, but no joy there.

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  • You are in a difficult situation.

    I'm not entirely familiar with CPA.

    What would you be looking for in an ideal world a training contract in an accountancy practice?

    If so I would park the CPA exams and get a higher qualification.

    Level 7 or 8 would open you up to graduate programs and the like.

  • Honestly everyone you will be competing against for the job will probably have at least a degree. They might not remember much from it and it might not even be in the area of accountancy or finance but it is generally a requirement as it is standard among applicants.

    You might look at account assistant roles or try to get in somewhere through a temp agency and see if there is an accountant there that is willing to mentor/supervise you.

    You are running into a road block now because of the lack of a degree. You will hit more when you qualify and are competing with the same people for a qualified accountant role who you are now competing with for a trainee role except by that time they will have experience in what may be considered a 'better company' that where you got your experience so the gap is even bigger then.

    You need to have it on the CV to get the interview so that you can get across all the reasons they should hire you unfortunately and it is used as a way to narrow down the applicants to keep the number of interviews manageable.

    Most companies will want ACA or ACCA, CPA is much less known and possibly respected in Ireland. If you switch now you might get exemptions from their exams for the CPA exams you have completed but ACA might require a degree to enroll in which case ACCA is a good call. I don't know anything about CPA so you may have your reasons for choosing it.

    It is a lot of work on the road to becoming qualified, you want to make sure that the effort is not going to waste;)


  • I'm not looking necessarily looking for a full training contract as such, as I can pay for my studies, really I just need any trainee position where somebody can sign off on my work,(and put up with having to train me) as I need 3 years of mentored experience.It doesn't have to be a practice, as I know somebody who was working outside a practice and was still able to complete her training. I know I've only done a little bit and need to do more, I just wanna make sure my next move is the right one. Leaning towards getting the level 7 done and moving from there- I have till 2029 to finish CPA afterall

    Thanks, your reply was very helpful