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Xbox 360 turning itself off

  • 15-07-2021 8:52pm
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    I have an Xbox 360 slim from 2012. It's started turning itself off a few months ago.

    If I power it on shortly after plugging it in it will make the beep noise and turn itself off a few seconds to a minute after me turning it on. It did it 4 times in a row so I had to give up.

    If I leave it plugged in for about an hour or more and then turn it on it will work fine and won't turn itself off and I could be playing for hours and it wouldn't turn itself off.

    What could be causing this to happen? Is there a fix for it? If I want to play my Xbox 360 I have to have it plugged in for an hour before I play it or I just leave it plugged in all day. It's a bit of a waste of electricity if I just want a quick game.


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    Leave it plugged in? It uses feck all electricity in standby

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    Standby uses little or no electricity either way.

    The 360 has a miriad of issues and any one or a few could be the cause. Surprised the processor has not melted away yet.

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    Yep even after being plugged in all day it sometimes still turns itself off.

    Well it'll turn itself off once after still being plugged in all day instead of the 3 times so I suppose that's an improvement.

    I think it's unfortunately on the way out. I may have to try opening it up at some stage.

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    Just as an update.

    My 360 slim is still doing the same thing except now it puts itself into 640x480 low resolution mode at 4:3.

    I have to power it back on 4 times after it shutting itself off every time and after that it works fine with no shutdowns except it beeps the odd time like it's going to turn off but doesn't. It's a weird one.

    I've never opened it up. It consistently acts like this it's not a random thing. Every time I plug it in I wait for it to beep and then turn it back on again. When it's been turned on for the 4th time I go in and change the resolution back to hd. It's like an annoying ritual every day. I don't want to open up because it looks like a bitch to work with, all those screws and all that messing about and I don't know what the flip is causing it so wouldn't know what to do with it anyway after opening it.

    If anyone ever has any idea what the heck could be causing this consistently crap behaviour from my Xbox 360 please let me know. I had it since 2012 and played tons on it but still it would be great if it could somehow be fixed because it's annoying.

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    Open it up and clean it out. Could be overheating? Reseat whatever connections you come across. Try again.

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    Actually it's the eject sound is what it makes after being turned on for the 4th time.

    After the 4th time it could be turned on for 2 hours of playtime and it would play fine and not turn off.

    Yes I might do that cheers.