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How many job applications/ rejections have people experienced in their job hunting?

  • 15-07-2021 5:19pm
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    Just wondering, on average, how many job applications to different positions have people submitted, before they actually got to the point of being offered an interview?

    How many interviews have people done for different positions before being offered the position?

    Thanks :)


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    On average, probably around a dozen CVs out when I've looked for jobs. Usually I'm looking to get out of a job rather than having a specific one I want to get into, so I'll usually send out a bunch of applications.

    Of those, probably averaged 1 to 2 interviews.

    Of those, I've usually been offered a job when I've interviewed.

    As to how many interviews you do before being offered the position, I'd say my average is probably 2. With virtual interviews I think it would be normal to have more than 2 interviews.

    It's all very dependent on the jobs you're going for though.

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    In the last 15 months I've probably sent out hundreds of applications for different roles and interviewed in a few different places. From talking to friends of mine in recruitment, depending on your background and the jobs you're applying for it's really coming down to a first come, first responded system.

    For a single manager role in Carlow, one lad I know received just under 1,000 applications in the first day.

    With that said, I've started a new job and went through 3 rounds to get the job. Initially a brief email/troubleshooting test, a personal interview and then a technical interview. Worth it, because the place is great.

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    I've been in my current position for years and still sending out CVs to various companies for a chance of a change. Probably the wrong time to do this. Since Jan I've sent out a CV at least twice a week to different companies, often to the same role in the same companies as their positions are still advertised. The no responce is a lot frustrating I'm sure something will crop up

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    Very similar to me (although the job I accepted was after 4 interviews - so hard!) I was also quite selective in what I applied for, only jobs I actually wanted/was qualified to do. Feedback I got was similar, thousands of applicants for roles.... I'm working for a tech firm in Dub now, WFH full time and I'm absolutely loving it. The firm/benefits/signing package is excellent but the people are absolutely the best!

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    I've seen a HUGE change since the pandemic.

    I was just finishing a contract early last year in Dublin and applied for new jobs. I was getting calls left, right and centre, meeting for interviews on lunches many days etc. Got 3 offers, took the best. But, I was let go during the pandemic while on probation.

    Last year, I barely got any replies to anything. Some jobs I applied for, Linkedin said there were over 1000 applicants. FFS. I've been studying since and I'm just dipping my toe in now. **** ghost town. You'd think I'm sending them cat pictures instead of a proper, up to date CV.

    I've had 0 feedback on applications, but I've noticed a few now, about 1-2 weeks after if I stumble on it on another website, it's updated with many extra requirements. If they were more specific in the first place, they'd save everyone time.

    OK I got a call about a job at the end of this post. Please **** god....

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