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Hello we're back

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    Did we all have withdrawal symptoms?

    Random genealogy article in the Examiner yesterday: Scotty from Star Trek was actually Irish.

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  • Hi Pinky

    Took me a while to find the Genealogy forum; Boards seems to have wiped my forums & followed threads list.

  • Yes - they're still ironing out the kinks. I've mentioned the 'my forums' in the feedback thread. The followed threads are under 'bookmarks' when you click your avatar.

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  • Makes it more familiar teritory if you click on the 3 dots,top left of screen, and select the desktop version. Time enough to transition to new version.

  • I've just managed to find my way here. Gosh, there seems to be a lot of white space here now. They seem to have moved the furniture around. Can't work it all out yet. Why is progress so regressive! 🙄 Hopefully the elves are still working on it and will make it better soon. If not, then I'm in for a training course.

  • Yes, they are still working on it. I haven't found the moderator forum yet, though I've been added to it!

    My first post above contains a hyperlink on the word article but it's not very clear.

    I suggest for now we just paste links in directly.

    Genealogy Forum Mod

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  • It's Boards Jim but not as we know it.

  • The mobile version of the site is unusable (is that a word?!).

  • Stating the bleeding obvious here but the new site is an absolute mess. This place was never that busy but it seems to have died a death now. Nearly a week went by with not a single new post.

  • I'm leaning towards that opinion too, mindhorn. I learned how to follow a thread. However, even after I un-followed a particular thread, I'm still receiving notifications. I also no longer know how to mark a forum as read which I used to do, now I can't find out how to do that even though I read through the new instructions. 😕 I used to relate all the items of interest and fun I found here but just said to himself last night, that I see nothing of interest on Boards any more.

    P.S. I've just noticed the 'Follow' bell has just shown up. Wasn't there before.

  • My concern isn't the present state of the site so much as how and why it ended up in this state.

    There are so many flaws with the site and it's bizarre that none of them (apparently) were pre-empted.

    In the nearly fifteen years I've been using Boards its reliability has been one of its strongest attributes.

    Suddenly that reliability is gone and it dones't feel like Boards any more.

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