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Cracked at or below the gumline

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    My upper pre molar broke off last year - a large section (like an iceberg calving) and around half ,I would say broke off as far as the gum line.

    Seeing as we are in a pandemic I did not go to the dentist yet even though it was sensitive (I put this sensitivity down to the tooth having no support on one side)

    A year on and I realize I now have an abscess and ,going to the doctor have completed a 5 day course of antibiotics which has resolved that problem for now.

    In a week have an appointment to see my dentist and am concerned he will say there is no hope for any tooth that is broken as far as the gum line (some google research seems to strongly support this)

    Still,if I loose this tooth (and another one next to it that my dentist says he has "pencilled in" for extraction (from 15 months ago) I feel I am looking at maybe my first denture or bridge.

    Is there any way I can hold onto these teeth if I can avoid any further abscesses ?

    My hope is that by only having regular meals and washing the mouth with salt water after every meal I can avoid a repeat of this infection.