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What is the best American Fast Food Franchise in Ireland

  • 05-07-2021 4:10pm
    Posts: 0 Zander Cool Ramp

    Answer the poll. Must be MacDonalds, or Burger King etc and have outlets here in Republic. Explain you logic.
    Mine is Burger King. Salad Dressing and lettuce.

    The best quality American Fast food Franchise in Ireland 31 votes

    zac8SEPT 23 1989mylittleponyGloomtastic!Patsy167MrMusician18 6 votes
    Burger King
    ToulouseShredTreeAisling(",)Pflano[Deleted User]PalLimerickHatshepsut[Deleted User]mondeoman72 10 votes
    Kentucky Fried Chicken kfc
    TheKBizzleIhackedboardzcon747tupenny[Deleted User]Maxface 6 votes
    5 Guys
    DavexirlFaithRiesen_Mealsweeno69JCX BXCMystery EggJimmy 3 timescromelexlunamoon 9 votes


  • Registered Users Posts: 745 ✭✭✭ClosedAccountFuzzy

    Depends what you mean by best.

    I thought 5 Guys was totally overrated when I tried it and wouldn’t be rushing back - it all felt greasy and wouldn’t in my view hold a candle to the gourmet places that have popped up independently, but was pricy for what it was.

    In terms of commercial success McDonalds is by far and away the best performing. They thrive on consistency.

    Burger King used to have better quality. I’m no longer convinced of that I’ve tried them in recent years. Although maybe it’s also just that my standards are higher and I’m less impressed.

    KFC just .. no.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,942 ✭✭✭✭JCX BXC

    5 Guys
    They all seemingly lack quality control in many of their outlets, McDonalds seemingly most consistent.

    KFC in particular can be nice and tasty one day and totally foul the next, and I've noticed different quality standards between restaurants.

  • Posts: 0 Zander Cool Ramp

    Kentucky Fried Chicken kfc
    JCX BXC wrote: »
    KFC in particular can be nice and tasty one day and totally foul the next, and I've noticed different quality standards between restaurants.

    KFC in south Dublin has gone downhill in general

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,749 ✭✭✭Smiles35

    What's quality op? Ladies expect someplace clean if they have to stop at all for a bite too eat, that entails letting them see the food being prepared. Quality to me as a man is a restaurant's throughput. Ie. If someone has gunk on their hands simple numbers will ensure the bad gunk is replaced and gone through handling.

    If it's not hygiene then I don't know what. Burgers will always be cheap to make. They never will have to skimp. KFC have it harder, chicken is much more expensive, needs tighter hygiene controls and they constantly search for ways to manage costs.

    How did you selectively quote? I'm on firefox and it's all or nothing with quotes.

    About KFC, as soon as that place was bought from the Colonel the new owners set about cutting costs on the recipes ingredients. A court case was launched by a franchisee here in the 80's over this. That was lost by the franchisee. In England they seem to have held their ground and reports there say it is as tasty as ****. It's funny, the big boys don't always win when it comes to consistency and cost. It's the same with 7up. French 7up is full of lemons, over here saccharin.

  • Posts: 0 Zander Cool Ramp

    Kentucky Fried Chicken kfc

    The operative: (Sorry, there's no way to highlight a segment of a quote in the new boards, :C gah!) [b]as soon as that place was[u] bought from the Colonel[/u]

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  • Registered Users Posts: 7,831 ✭✭✭Gloomtastic!


    Not the most comprehensive poll, there are loads more you could have included, like Subway.

    I voted McD’s. Regardless of the food, BK restaurants always seem depressing to me.

    Haven’t been to a KFC in years, we always prefer Hillbillies.