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Legal/Medical Secretary career change

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    Looking for people's experiences of going into legal or medical secretary work.

    I am a Higher Executive Officer in the Civil Service. High performer. Have worked internationally.

    But totally out of love with civil service and now I've had two children who are now in pre school/school I'm ready for a change.

    I like the appeal of a more transactional role (not losing sleep over work/taking it home, which I feel I would do if I progressed in civil service), the private sector, something quick paced (I have worked on crisis management in the past) and a good solid salary with potential for part time work down the line. I love being organised and have a really good eye for detail.

    I help run a small healthcare charity on a voluntary basis in my spare time hence the interest in the medical route, but just as interested in law.

    I would look to do a pitman course or similar to retrain.

    Do you work in one of these roles? Do you enjoy it? What do you wish you had known before?

    By way of background I'm based in Dublin. Thanks!