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Swedish supermarket chain of 800 stores had to close due to ransomware attack

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    Sweden's coop supermarket chain of 800+ stores had to shut on Friday after a ransomware attack on their point of sale system.

    The origin of the malware seems to be, which was used by

    Hopefully re-opening of won't take until 19 July (as in the incompetent HSE's proposed date to issue EU standardized vaccination certificates) for the co-op to re-open their store network.

    Steve Gibson says that he found a story to the effect that the HSE hack would cost 600 mil USD (presumably 500 mil EUR) to fix. Which in my mind using the national childrens hospital multiplier effect may run to several billion?

    While Gibson is obviously no lawyer (in terms of understanding the reasoning for the Irish court injunction), he may have a point in the terms of the scale of gross financial waste in the public admininstration 'system' in Ireland.