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Green light car history check query

  • 04-07-2021 9:07am
    Registered Users Posts: 19 Willow56

    I’ve been checking the car history on Greenlight of a 3 yr old low mileage vehicle I’m interested in purchasing. It’s tells me the vehicle has had one owner only and that ownership was transferred to a dealer almost one year ago and has since been through 2 other dealers . It’s in very good condition, with low miles, and mileage check shows no new mileage on the car since original owner traded it in almost a year ago.
    My question is why would a dealer (a franchise holder for the vehicle brand in question) hold a car in their dealership for almost 12 months unsold, given that the car is in good condition etc and that it’s a popular sought after brand / model ?
    Everything else on the Greenlight history check looks ok but just curious why it’s been sitting in dealership compounds for almost 12 months unsold and also curious why ownership would have transferred between 2 dealers in the intervening period ?Would this be normal / regular practice ? I’d have thought dealerships would be trying to turn over/resell their stock ASAP ?
    Any thoughts or explanations welcome . Thanks!


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,977 ✭✭✭ User1998

    Have a read of this, same question asked a few days ago:

  • Registered Users Posts: 19 Willow56

    User1998 wrote: »
    Have a read of this, same question asked a few days ago:

    Thank for the link . The car I’m interested in isn’t a high spec prestige type car, just a small “super mini” class and a brand leader in that class so I’m still mystified as to why ownership would be transferred between dealerships and it remained unsold for over a year.
    It’s not one of those odd colours etc so hard to understand why it wouldn’t have sold fairly quickly. The original owner kept it for 2 years. It’s in a city dealership so likely low mileage attributable to mainly local journeys. I’d be guessing the price paid for the car was too high and dealer waiting it out a bit to try and mitigate loss. Interestingly there’s a number of same make, model and similar mileage in this franchise dealership so I was looking a number of options when I went there to see the car. I asked were they fleet cars and was told they were not.