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Looking for some opinions on a brand name for a creative service agency


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    Comes to mind:
    Adwords & Social Ad Booking/management
    Through the Line Digital Campaign Management
    Social Media Management
    Digital Campaign Planning
    Digital Media Research
    Digital Media Trend Tracking
    Ecommerce solutions
    Website Design & Management

    What it definitely isn't:
    Retail/FMCG/Fashion retail
    Music/media/entertainment related.

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    DJ_Eoghan wrote: »
    What it definitely isn't:

    Eh? With know in the phrase, my mind went immediately from digital to fingering!

    And then perhaps to retirees of the computer company that was the predecessor to HP/Compaq

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    do you mean https://www.weknowdigital.ie/

    If so, this is a digital agency and its front window a garish, uninformative and unattractive.

    It not always about the name, it about the image it portrays

    If the company is digital branding, you could call it whatever you like and add "Digital Branding" or similar to the name

    Eg "AdLock Digital Branding" or "AdLock Brand Direction" or "AdLock Brand Management"

    or if you want to go the descriptive route here's a free one - "Competitive Edge - Brand Masters"

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    hI. If a company is going to use you to create nothing for them then it should be a given that "you know digital".

    i would;d work on the name little more. Think about the products services we use day to day most have know obvious connection to the

    products they create, ie Apple, Nike, Adidas, Amazon. Making people do a little bit more to work out the like your name has to the product will make the name a little more memorable. Look up the meaning of the word Bluetooth. Great example!

    best of luck with it

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