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Cold Tea ideas

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    Hi all,

    Long time coffee and tea fan. Trying to up my herbal tea game as I recently tried the Solaris Tea teas and they were amazing. While I am a fan of hot tea I also like cold tea. Any ideas on how to best make it? Is it as simple as boiling water and letting it cool then into the fridge? Any ideas on how to spruce it up?
    I'm also looking to trade an evening alcohol drink in for a tea drink thus the motivation.



  • My favourite is a plain old Earl Grey. Brew as normal, then add lemon juice (must be fresh!) and sugar to taste. Let it cool, then keep it in a bottle or covered jug in the fridge. I used to make 5 litres at a go, during the summer, and it was always delicious and very refreshing. And much better than fizzy drinks. You can get a decaf version, too, for the evenings.