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Entry level Turntable System

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    Hi Folks, i have always wanted to started a vinyl collection but never had the space. But a change of house means i now do. I'm looking to buy a turntable (preferably with built in amp) with external speakers ideally with a bluetooth function for playing from smartphone etc. I've looked at endless reviews but no luck finding it difficult to make a decision. Have a budget of 300/400 euros. Any advise or recommended makes/models? Cheers


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    I never saw such "all in one" device thats not cheap chi-fi plastic garbage which sounds awful and will scratch and destroy your records:)
    Buy separate turntable from a normal brand, like Project, Rega, AT, Denon, with MM preamp if you want (go to hifihut or cloney), and then a separate amp and speakers which can have BT and other connectivities that you need.
    If you find some second hand on adverts, post it here and we can tell you if its worth or not.

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    eBay is your source. I follow Techmoan on YouTube his videos are great. All new stuff is cheap Chinese junk.

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    Do some research then buy a used vintage deck on adverts, I have a Thorens Td 160 I got for 400 off it, love it make sure you bring a test record with you that you know sounds good to check it.

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