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SUSI Grant for Higher Diploma

  • 22-06-2021 1:57pm
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    I have a Level 8 which I was awarded in 2020 and am planning to return to education in September to complete a Higher Diploma (now as a mature student). I received the SUSI grant for the 4 years of my undergraduate. I was always told in order to receive the grant, you would have to be progressing each year and therefore assumed that I wouldnt be entitled to a grant as a hDip is also a level 8. Although I have been saving very hard for the past year I am becoming worried as to how I will be able to afford to go back and am starting to reconsider it altogether, I spoke about this to my friend who thinks that although the hDip is a level 8 SUSI may still see it as a progression in education and that I should apply and I just have.
    Due to family circumstances I was only able to work parttime since qualifying last year and my mother was in hospital for some time with Covid19 and therefore our combined income would have been minimal.

    My question is has anyone been through this and would know if I would be entitled to anything? If I knew for sure one way or another then I could make arrangements to defer for the year etc.

    Freaking out to myself here :confused:
    Thanks in advance!