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Starting a new job while WFH

  • 21-06-2021 8:30pm
    Registered Users Posts: 72 ✭✭ CalisGirl

    I started a new job 2 months ago while WFH and it's been tough. I've some experience in the industry but I was told on day 1 that people are given time to get used to things and are slowly introduced to tasks. Well, 2 months in and I still feel like I'm contributing nothing. I'm told that people are happy with me in my weekly meetings with manager but for me, it feels like I've been forgotten.

    I've told my manager exactly what I'm working on. When I've asked for extra work, it's been responded to but I strongly get the feel it was make-shift work rather than something that was actually needed. Just don't really feel part of a team. I personally think this is strongly related to WFH, as if you're in the office people remember you are there!

    My main concern really is there's a 6 month probation so that worries me. How have people found starting new jobs while WFH?


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    I started a new job around the same time. I had worked there previously so slotted straight back in but I have a counterpart who is new to the company and she is definitely finding it tough I’d say.

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    Yeah, it's particularly tough when you don't have a lot of experience in the industry. God help the new grads starting jobs just out of college. I'm just hoping that the WFH element will be taken into account when manager is deciding on transition from probation to permanent.