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Myenergi Hub help

  • 21-06-2021 4:21pm
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    Had my PV successfully installed today. Absolutely delighted with it.

    The installer told me that the Zappi, the Eddi and the Hub were all talking to each other but when I went to set up the app I realised that the Eddi couldn't see the Hub. I checked my router and the Hub wasn't plugged in. I've plugged it in now, I see a single green light for power but nothing else. Reading the website i think there's means to be a blue server light as well but I don't see this. Is there a simple solution for this, or do I need to get the installer back?



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    Answered my own question. Turns out it was a dodgy Ethernet cable causing the lack of connection. Swapped it out and got my blue light. Tried to pair the hub but Eddi and Zappi were set to RF Channel 1 and it was set to 4. Set them all to 4 and everything works beautifully now.

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    Fair play for figuring it out and best of luck with your new system!

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