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Susi query

  • 21-06-2021 11:25am
    Registered Users Posts: 60 ✭✭ Pepsicass

    Hi all, I wonder can anyone help me. I've two children attending college next year. One had deferred and going back into 2nd year, the other week be going into 1st year.

    They have both received confirmation of their Susi grants.

    The one who deferred had income to declare of about €1,500 and my income of €25,000 (last year). I am also on FIS. One of the deductions (as well as FIS and back to school payment) is listed as 'Less Child Dependent Allowance' and is over 5k. So this brings total income to less that 24,500 so she is being granted the special rate.

    My other child, going into 1st year, had no income of her own. There is no mention on her form of Child Dependent income so the total reckonable is €25,000, hence she is not entitled to the special rate.

    Incase it matters I also have a child in school.

    Can anyone explain the discrepancies above? And why one child is on the special rate and the other isn't? Surely both should be on the same?

    Many thanks.