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New types of lightsabres and weapons. And about Armour.

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    The Darksaber, the double blade, the sequel broadsword and the Temple Guards’ lightsabre pikes

    Are there any other type of of unusual lightsabres in either the can or old EU?

    Can you folks think of other styles that could be used?

    The Darksaber is like a machete so does that mean that a Jedi or Sith could make a lightsabre katana or a lightsabre saif? Or is the Darksaber not really a lightsabre?

    What type of sci-fi and fantasy weapons haven’t been used on screen in the live action and animation? Anything cool from the games?

    How were the weapons of the Pretorian Guards in The Last Jedi able to withstand lightsabres?

    Besides Mando himself, who in The Mandolorian has Beskar armour? Obviously most of the Covert didn’t have any or even much Beskar. Is Boba’s armour Beskar? It survived being in the Sarlacc and looked in a bad way when Mando found it but looks brand new the last two episodes. Did he have to do major work to repair it or did he just need to clean it because it is Beskar? Bo-Katan is surely wearing full Beskar because it is not only her armour from The Clone Wars but passed down from her ancestors. Mando threw himself in front of her when Gideon took his shot but I’m guessing that was just instinct (and he may not know whether she is wearing Beskar).

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