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coloured concrete

  • 19-06-2021 11:36pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,206 ✭✭✭ aidanki

    After 40years the tarmac on the driveway in front of my parents house is worn and due to it no longer being smooth moss builds up v easily, and can that moss grip, the 2000psi power washer struggles to move it, and even after blowing it off its as bad as ever after 3mths.

    Its time to refurb the tarmac. Rather than simply tearing up the tarmac and replacing with new tarmac I am looking at alternatives. I see black concrete can now be created, and I was wondering has anyone ever used black concrete, it seems to be one of those more modern things for concrete. or even an exposed aggregate finish for concrete.

    the exposed aggregate is a bit nicer finish that standard concrete.

    We dont want any fancy paving pattern on the concrete, just something that is presentable, and is easy keep clean. Its my job to wash it hence I favour concrete. POwer washer on tarmac will shorten its life.

    Our colour scheme is house painted white and the driveway black and the house and shed doors black and black slate roofs.

    No problem with water lodging, big slope water flowing away.

    V light traffic on the tarmac, parents car too and fro to the house, and the oil lorry 1 or 2 times a year, tyres always clean too