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Recommendations for cheap dentists up north?

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    Hey there,

    I apologise, I realise this has been asked a lot, and I have searched but all the topics I see are from 6,7+ years ago.

    I have heard dentists up north are much cheaper than locally, and I am completely at my wits end how to pay here, so I need recommendations on who to visit up north.

    I'm only in my late 20s and have already spent couple of grand in the past few months, but still have a lot more work to be done with crowns, fixing complications with bridges, root canals...and I just cannot find any way to get more money to afford this here. Dental insurance also doesn't really exist, I've looked into it - it exists in an extremely limited form and will do little next to nothing to help me in my situation.

    So if anyone has recommendations, please do let me know. I know abroad is also many people's choice, but with Covid/travel restrictions continuing to be a thing it just seems easier to go up North.

    Thanks a mil!