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US Dreamcast Games

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    ITEM: US DC Games
    POST\COLLECTION: Post\Collection\Meetup
    PRICE: Various, see below plus p+p
    PAYMENT METHODS: Paypal\Cash\Bank Transfer

    You pay p+p, or collection or meet within 20 miles of Cork City.

    ** Games
    e10 each
    Frogger 2 (pic1)
    Inhabitants (pic1)
    NCAA 2K2 (pic1)
    Space Channel 5 (pic1)

    e20 each
    Demolition Racer No Exit (pic1)
    Flag to Flag (pic1)
    Sega Marine Fishing (w/rod controller) (pic1, pic2, pic3)
    Sega Smash Pack Vol 1 (pic1)
    Test Drive Le Mans (pic1)

    e30 each
    Armada (pic1)
    Bang Gunship Elite (pic1)
    DOA 2 (pic1)
    Grandia 2 (pic1)
    Maken X (sealed) (pic1)
    Midway Greatest Hits Vol 1, Vol 2 (pic1)
    Ooga Booga (pic1)
    Sonic Adventure 2 (pic1)

    e40 each
    Bomberman Online (pic1)

    e50 each
    Stupid Invaders (pic1)
    Typing of the Dead (w/keyboard) (pic1, pic2, pic3)

    e80 each
    D2 (pic1)
    Spiderman (pic1)
    Tech Romancer (pic1)
    Mars Matrix (pic1)

    Will take offers on combinations
    Note I no longer own a US/Region free DC so can't test these, but they worked fine about a year ago when I did test.
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