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Incorrect lyrics for Green fields of France.

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    It amazes me why so many people use the incorrect lyrics for this line in the song. Most people seem to sing ...

    "The countless white crosses stand mute in the sand"

    The next line "To man's blind indifference to his fellow man" makes no sense when preceded by that previous line. Also the song is entitled Green fields of france and there is no sand there, just green fields.

    Where as the correct lyrics are

    "The countless white crosses in mute witness stand"

    What do they stand in witness to ..... ?

    To man's blind indifference to his fellow man


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    Well if your looking at it like that, the original song isn't even called 'The Green Fields of France.

    It was written by the Scottish/Australian singer-songwriter Eric Bogle and is called 'No Mans Land'. I think that version had the original lyrics you mentioned.

    The version we know obviously is the Fureys version and I presume they changed the song title and a few of the words. I woun't have any problem with that. Interpreting older songs keeps them alive. The song is much more widely know after the Fureys covered it.

    As an aside, Eric bogle also wrote Leaving Nancy which was also taken up by the Fureys. It's about the last time he ever saw his mother when he was emigrating to Australia.

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