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DFS Leather Sofa

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    Hi All

    I recently purchased a leather sofa from DFS. It's an aniline black leather from what I can gather. Called Nevada grain leather which is european hides.

    They say you need to buy their sofa kit wipes to maintain the leather which are of course massively overpriced. Is there a better way to maintain the couch and clean it?

    For example my previous couch is about 20 years old leather and stood up fine with just warm water and the smallest amount of soap possible.


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    No need to buy, a money racket. We did for our DFS "Italian" leather half price suite. The leather still faded and sagged and colour came off on our clothes. The chip board armrests cracked and had to be reinforced in the first few days then the whole of the leather had to be replaced. They had big windows, saw me coming I was told. I hope you have better luck.

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    I never understand why people buy from DFS. Overpriced crap with appalling service.

    Hope you never have a problem.

    Do they still trick people with their laughable "after event price" sale gimmick.?

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    No I actually went around a dozen or so sofa places after things opened up. Bought based on quality in the showroom. I've heard mixed reviews good and bad about them but to be honest if theres an issue its a credit card chargeback and return.

    Definately the best quality one I sat on and the same leather as the showroom model. Good to know about the cleaning. Looks like distilled water for the odd wipe clean is the way to go with aniline hides

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