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MacBook Pro 2017 Sound Issue

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    Good evening folks.

    As per the title of my post I'm having an audio issue with my MacBook. The other week when I was turning it on a loud pop came out of the right side speaker (gave me a fright) since then the audio has been awful with distortion/crackling and I'm pretty sure that speaker is blown. I've changed the sound options in settings and move the slider left/right you can definitely hear the difference.

    When I'm using headphones via bluetooth/wired the sound works perfectly. I was in town today and popped into CompuB as I've done over the years when there has been issues with my Macs but was told that there is now €49 charge to have the laptop sent off as there is no technician on site.

    Any help getting to the bottom of this or help in figuring out the cost of the repair greatly appreciated.


  • blew the speaker more than likely

  • You could replace it yourself with the help of and their spare parts ?



    They don't have a guide for speaker replacement specifically but if you look at a few guides for your model you'll get the general idea.

    Just to point out, there's a possibility the amplifier could be blown too. May not necessarily effect the headphone output so don't use that as a guide.