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AES/Bord Na Mona don't collect my recycling bin

  • 16-06-2021 6:18am
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    I've lived in Newbridge for a month and a half and they haven't collected my recycling bin once on the day that they were meant to. They send text reminders to put it out before 9 the night before collection, which I always do, and there's nothing in it that shouldn't be there. They just don't pick it up, they'll take the organic bin that goes out the same day and I've only ever heard one truck so I think the recycling one just doesn't come by. I've complained about it every time and they say they'll reschedule the collection but then the truck doesn't show up on the rescheduled date either. The one time they did collect it was on a general waste collection day and I hadn't even put the recycling bin out, they pulled it from the side of the house and so I got charged the wrong rate for it, they still haven't replied to my complaint about that from last week.

    Is there an ombudsman or something I can make a complaint to? I'm paying for a service they're consistently failing to provide. I know the obvious answer is change companies but there's only one other option where I live and I'd be paying significantly more with them, so I'd prefer if AES just did their job.


  • There's only one truck for a start. Both bins go into seperate compartments in it.

    It sounds to me like you're using your recycling bin for general waste, and your general waste bin for your recycling.

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    Should be stickers on the sides of the bin saying what they are but with AES/Bord Na Mona, new customers will have a blue recycling and green waste bin