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16 month old twisting and pulling hair

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    My 16 month old has curly hair. Ever since she was a newborn when tired she'd twiddle the hair above her forehead.

    As her hair has become a full head of hair, she twists and wraps the hair around her finger when tired or nervous or shy and pulls on it gently, or not so gently at times.

    We've had to cut it a couple of times it's got so knotted and it's thinning a little where she's always doing it.

    Any advice? She's not talking yet and I don't know how to get her to stop, I move her hand when I can and try occupy her with something else, but as soon as she's put into cot or not entertained when tired, she's immediately twisting her hair around her fingers and tugging, usually lightly.


  • Sounds like a comfort behaviour. My daughter used to pull my hair at bedtime to help her fall asleep or if upset. She eventually grew out of it and stopped at about two and a half.
    Your daughter will stop too, maybe leave it for now if its not causing any problems?

  • Can you cut her hair for a while to while to help break the habit, while offering an alternative comforter?