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1 v 2 seater kayak


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    My 2-seater sit on top can be paddled solo and I have done for short distance only, although I suspect it would be less stable than when you have additional weight at the front.

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    Iv just bought a 2 seater kayak few weeks back and my reason being are for the kids... more room onboard!!

    My opinion on the dubble if your solo is....its slower as u sit much further back so the front goes up and u push water out of the way more so than glide trough it!! There is more boat forward of u and breeze can keep pushing the bow about !! Lastly forget about paddling from the front seat as the back of the boat goes up and will keep trying to come around to meet you lol.

    I'd go a single if your a solo paddler but the dubble is handy for a passenger or possibly gear if camping trip is on the cards ...

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