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Burnout in every aspect of life

  • 12-06-2021 3:50pm
    Registered Users Posts: 39 ✭✭✭ FunkyOxygen

    Hi all, for three years I thought I was suffering with depression, with periods of happiness in between [which I thought was a bipolar aspect].

    However, only when I looked into research on burnout and found out that the two are often incorrectly diagnosed as one another because of identical symptoms - was I able to get back on the road to having less weighing me down.

I strongly encourage you to consider if it is actually burnout and not depression that may be suffering from if you are starting to resent everything.

I was so compelled by wanting to share this with others that I'm doing my MSc. thesis on burnout and spirituality [which is a tool for overcoming burnout].

If you had 10 minutes to respond to my survey, I would be immeasurably grateful and your response will contribute to findings for improving the mental health of others.

    Thank you  in advance


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