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Elite Dangerous: Your best player craft kill piloted by another human player.

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    I played Elite Dangerous briefly before the Pandemic.

    What I want to know from players though is what is their most noteworthly "kill" of another human player, (not an NPC ship) and the ship, whether or not you ganked them. What Nationality were they?

    Was your own ship underspec? (like David against Goliath)

    Would you like to do it again? Did you get upgraded in rank because of the kill or did the kill go towards upgrading you?

    Forget about the Thargoids for the purpose of this thread.


  • PVP in Elite is not fun or good, my last kill was someone harassing the starter systems (my faction at the time were protectors....)

    I was in a highly engineered FDL he was in a not engineered Anaconda (with FA off he never stood a chance).

    ED uses P2P servers and its just not fun playing PVP on them be it "jousting" in which each player takes a run at the other or "hovering" FA off and just orbit the target, the bigger they are the easier it is.

    It will never have dedicated servers so imo PVP is not worth playing, better off with PVE.

  • It's about as asymetrical as you can get and therefore not fun to me. I don't engage in PvP beyond ganker hunting in starter systems when I'm near or CZs. The last human kill I got was in an FDL, pre-engineer days, a new guy with a low rank came at me in an Asp I think. I kept warning him on chat that this was a bad idea and he kept coming so I tried to whittle him down to make the point, he didn't get it and I reluctantly made him one with the physx engine. I never pursue after someone retracts hardpoints, from then it's 'GG' and done, the fact that most PvP'ers need to make the kill, to cost the opponent something even if it might mean a wipe is what puts me off PvP here (the same reason I won't play the DarkZone in The Division series), when they are obviously done let go and 'GG'.