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Move bookmarks to new user account on Safari...

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    I want to copy a lot of bookmarks and add them to a new user account on my MacBook, how do I do this?

    To explain, I have been bookmarking a lot of pages as I am starting a biz. Not only that but I have lots of files too saved under the same login.

    I have now set up a separate user account on my Macbook for the business and need to move the bookmarks and files over to this account, is this possible?




  • In Safari's File menu, there's an option to Export Bookmarks. Do that from your original account. This creates a HTML file with all your bookmarks in it.

    Then get that file into your new account (via email, USB key, shared folder/drive, whatever) and import it via File > Import From > Bookmarks HTML file.

    This is a manual process, and if you then later add more bookmarks to Account A that you want on B, you'll have to export again and import to Account B.

    Or, if both your two Mac user accounts are set up to use the same Apple ID, you can sync bookmarks between them (and any other devices) using iCloud:

    "Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences. If you're using macOS Catalina, click Apple ID. Click iCloud, then select Safari."

    This will keep them in sync both ways (changes in Account A will be reflected in Account B, and visa versa).

  • Thanks for your reply, just what I needed!

    Both Mac users will be myself with one for personal usage and browsing and one for the new biz so I wont need to sync as theynwill be completely separate.

    thanks for the help,