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Scan My Tesla

  • 08-06-2021 1:39pm
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    Just thought I'd throw up a new thread dedicated to Scan My Tesla.
    Apart from the App you need an adapter as Tesla does not conform to the standard OBDII port.
    After that you need a suitable ELM device to allow blutooth communication with your app device.

    I've seen these cables at silly money so the good news is I've tried this one on my 2015 Model S and it works perfectly and just $9.50 delivered from Ali Express.

    The ELM device I used is the same one that works with my LeafSpy so I had no outlay there.

    The information you get is vast, and I mean vast, just about everything you could think of.

    My snippets from today's first use include....
    From total charge total, just 8% from DC charging so that's good from a BMS perspective, 58% AC charging and to me the most astonishing fact was 34% from Regen.
    From a 23kW AC charge, 20.5kW was getting to the battery so some losses there.
    DC Charging efficiency is 88%.

    Interesting app and probably of more interest to us with older S or X models...