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Stress leave

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    Anyone any advice- I work in a very busy retail shop.. the job has become so so stressful.. no breaks and long hours. I’m a single mother and although it is hard I love my job, or so I did.. I’m burning out so easily now and dread going in because I’m so stressed constantly.
    Had a week off in March and was better afterwards but struggling now again. I don’t want to take holidays as we are understaffed as it is and don’t want to let anyone down but it’s starting to effect me at home I’m not keeping up with home chores etc and I’m constantly on edge ...
    does it go away eventually? Anything I should do that will help??


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    Reduce your hours.

    If you burn out, all that extra effort and hardship will be for nothing.

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    You need your breaks - by law. And you should take them. Also, absolutely take holiday. Paid leave is there for a reason, we cannot be working non stop.
    To be blunt, being under-staffed is your employer's problem to fix, not yours to jeopardise your health over.

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    Why are there no breaks, who decides you can’t take your legal breaks ?

    You don’t want to take holidays as you are understaffed ? Not your problem that you are understaffed. You’d rather end up with health issues because they choose to be and are understaffed ?

    You have identified the problems but YOU need to act...

    Take 100% of your breaks.

    Come to work on time, leave work on time.

    It won’t go away eventually. It gets worse... give them an inch they’ll take a mile, in your case about 10 of em...

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