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Two original Garmin 20mm watch straps and charging clip in need of a good home.

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    Garmin support recently upgraded my 645 watch to a 745, so I have two original (black) 20mm watch straps and an unused charging clip going spare.


    The clip charges all of these watches and the straps fit these watches I reckon the only cross over between both is the 645.

    I'm doing the Ray Darcy Laura Lynn challenge so a €10 donation to my iDonate page gets you a strap or the charger, €15 gets you a strap and charger and €20 gets you all three; I'll cover postage so Laura Lynn gets the entire amount you pay. DM or is it a PM me if you're interested.

    Some of ye might have noticed other runners wearing these t-shirts, so next time you spot one, give us a wave. We're into our 6th month of the challenge and most of us have done at least 20odd marathon distances already and some are feeling it in the legs and need the boost of wave.



  • Do you still have the straps??

  • Off topic but how did you contact garmin support?

  • Cartman78 wrote: »
    Do you still have the straps??

    Still have one left Cartman, the other strap and charger have gone to a good home.

  • crisco10 wrote: »
    Off topic but how did you contact garmin support?

    You'll need to have signed on the Garmin support website, which you hopefully did when you registered your watch. You'll need the serial number of the watch, follow the prompts and leave your query. In fairness to them, they get back onto you fairly quick.

    If it's a problem with the watch, don't delete any runs where the problem occured and take pics of your watch face. My problem was my earphones and cheststrap disconnecting during a run, but only when I was using my watch for music and not my phone. You could see on connect where the cadance, stride length etc stopped recording for up to 10mins. They will send you links on how to send them files of your runs.

    I have seen online where depending on the age of the watch, they will replace with like, upgrade to a newer watch if you have an older model or offer a percentage off a new watch.

  • Reg'stoy wrote: »
    Still have one left Cartman, the other strap and charger have gone to a good home.

    Cheers... actually just confirmed on the Garmin site forum that it's definitely not compatible with my watch (Forerunner 230)...I had been hoping it was just an omission of the compatible device list :-(

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