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Activity tracker vs phone. Please help

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    OK so I have a huawei p30 pro and an umidigi gt smartwatch.
    My issue here is they never record the same amount of steps, I am trying to lose weight and I have my fitness pal to log my meals but can't link my watch to my fitness pal, so I have to manually add my steps. Nor a big deal but...

    The huawei health app tell me I walk 10000 steps burning 300 odd calories
    My watch tells me I walked 6000 steps but burned 400 calories.?????

    So what's going on here which one do I trust is closest to correct.

    It's very frustrating I just want to play the numbers game here and be as accurate as possible.

    I was thinking the watch has a heart rate monitor so might be picking up the intensity of the steps or the work I do, this would make sense for the calorie burn been higher.

    But why is it so far behind on the step count.

    Any help here would be awesome guys thank you

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