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Repairing a Broken Rear Axle

  • 30-05-2021 10:08pm
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    When investigating my wobbly Freewheel, I found the cause was a Bent Skewer and a Broken Hollow Axle. At the same time, I also set about lubing the front bearings, and I managed to wreck the front dust caps in the process. You can see a photo of this here.

    No problem I said - I ordered a replacement, that looked like it came with dust caps, but turned out it was a different kind of bearing nut entirely.

    So now I stuck and am a bit conflicted...

    Part of me thinks it would be simpler at this point to replace the wheels. There is an obvious replacements from Decathlon - ones with a screw on Freewheel - but I was hoping for something a bit better, I couldn't see any equivalent on bikeinn or bike24.

    The other option is try again to replace the axle, but find a replacement with the correct dust caps this time. This appears to be pretty hard, there is an bewildering array of options between bikeinn, bike24 and amazon ... I have spent some serious time on it, and I can't see any obvious replacements. I would have thought all these things would seriously standardized? The front axle is 110mm by 8mm, the rear is 9.5mm by 145mm. ?

    Any suggestions.

    Ray K