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Cars for Civil Ceremony

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    If you are having your ceremony and reception in the same venue do you really need to hire a car seen as you won’t be really going anywhere?

    We’re both guys so it’s not even a case of bringing the bride to the church


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    Of course not, big waste of money imo

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    Madness unless ye actually want a specific car or something like that... Sure if ye arent going anywhere just make sure that if ye are going for pictures maybe off site you have someone trustworthy to drive you and maybe have their car cleaned up.. Had the same type of wedding and the only reason i took my car was because she was my other love and well she looked better than me

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    Definitely not! My sister got married in the same place (ceremony & reception) & said it was so nice to have one less thing to worry about. Same as myself for next year. Staying there the night before & just walking to the ceremony from my room.

    Unless you want one for certain pictures & even then, I'd be looking for friends or family who have a nice car to help out!

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    We asked our local mechanic to drive me and my mam to the venue in their nicest car (just a Merc, nothing showy). My now husband just drove himself in our car. Total waste of time and money but as said above, if you need to travel offsite for pics have something arranged. It never occurred to me. We ended up not bothering going off site in the end because it was wet but I'd never thought of it!

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