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Antabuse and Heineken 0

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    Hi guys. Just a quick one. Has anyone had any experience with drinking heineken 0 whilst on antabuse... Starting medication next week.


  • I don't have personal experience with antabuse but I'd say you are safe as Heineken zero is genuinely zero alcohol and not low alcohol.

    However I should state that if you are someone in recovery from an alcohol problem, which I assume you are if you have been prescribed antabuse, then many do not recommend non-alcoholic lagers. They taste too similar to the real thing so there is a risk of relapse (for some people at least).

  • I don’t think drinking Non-alco stuff is a good idea, it’s not doing the mental obsession battle any favors, just my opinion. I guess to answer the question no there will be no negative reaction with the Antabuse.