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Mikayla Miller Death, Hopkinton, Massachusetts

  • 22-05-2021 5:18pm
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    Renowned civil rights attorneyBen Crump wades into Mikayla Miller case

    Crump called Miller’s death “highly suspicious,” and said the goal is to have “transparency” in the investigation.

    “Essentially, what Calvina and her family want to know is was Mikayla lynched and why aren’t they saying this,” said Crump. “They do not believe it was a suicide, and that was quickly determined by the local officials.”

    This has echoes of the Declan Flynn. A member of the LGBTQ community being harrassed in a park. There's no conclusive evidence of a murder or a lynching, but America seems like a terrifying place to live at the moment.


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    Sounds like a simple case of suiscide ,that people are typically trying to make into something it's not ,

    Another thread not worth the conspiracy

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    Thread closed

    OP, I'll be banning you from the forum if you continue starting threads like this

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