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US - Boy, 4, found slain on Dallas street. Perp went after second boy but left.

  • 20-05-2021 4:11pm
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    In the spirit of posting interesting news from US.

    An 18-year-old man has been arrested after the body of a 4-year-old boy was found lying on a neighborhood street in Dallas, police said Sunday.
    Assistant Police Chief Albert Martinez has said it appeared the child suffered a violent death and that “an edged weapon” was used. He said it’s believed the child was killed at about 5 a.m.

    The suspect Darriynn Brown is said to have entered a home and take a twin outside and some distance before killing him, leaving the child dead in the street.

    Chilling video shows the moment Brown allegedly returned four hours later to snatch Cash's twin brother.
    In the footage obtained by, Brown, 18, can be seen returning to the bedroom before reaching down and touching the boy.
    After a few seconds of wandering around the room, it looks as though Brown is disturbed by a sound and then flees the room, leaving the boy unharmed in his cot.

    The twins' father seems to be a suspect as well.


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    Very odd case. We don't get enough details from the article, such as how was Brown a friend of the family. He is a lot younger than the lady who owns the house and Cash's father. It's incredibly sad and awful to think of somebody stabbing a toddler to death. We don't get any insight into his motive for doing it. It's pure unadulterated evil.

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    You're right, it's not clear how Brown knew the boys were there etc.

    Once the investigation progresses everything should come to light.
    What baffles me most is how someone could take one twin, lead him away and killing him and then returning for the second. Insanity.
    It's also not clear if Brown had previous convictions, it's rare to escalate to murder of your first assault.

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    Chilling video to watch him hover over the two boys as they slept...heatbreaking to see the other twin wake and go looking for his brother.

    Really strange set up in that house..their farther is reported to have gone AWOL since March, his girlfriend (who's the boy's were living with) says she is their legal guardian,but cops say their mother has been searching for them for months and the brother has been returned to her.

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    That's disturbing. Glad he was taken non-lethally into police custody to meet the full extent of the law.

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