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His House (2020)

  • 18-05-2021 10:10am
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    An outstanding new horror film on Netflix here, that could easily go under people's radar as just another Netflix exclusive horror film.

    In terms of both plot and setting, this film is superbly original and contemporary.

    I have never seen a horror film that looked right at home in a completely realistic, working class English council estate. If you're tired of the spooky mansion out in the country side, this is definitely worth seeing. I was so surprised at how well it works. Think Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead, but an actual horror film.

    Without spoiling anything, the film follows two Sudanese Asylum Seekers who are released from detention to a house in a London council estate. They are under strict conditions not to leave the property, or they will be deported back to Sudan. For me it raises genuine compassion and sympathy for the couple, as well as giving the film a compelling reason for the couple to stay in the house when the horrific elements come to light.

    Viewers can make their own judgement on whether the horror elements are natural or supernatural.

    Two thumbs up from me


  • Registered Users Posts: 842 ✭✭✭El Duda

    Yes, this was good but I wasn't quite as keen on it as you were.

    here is my review from a few months ago...

    His House – 6.5/10

    An impressive debut, that at times feels like it is on the cusp of something ground-breaking but is hamstrung by some poor choices.

    Firstly, it is great to see more diversity in filmmaking these days as you start see stories told from new perspectives. Here, director Remi Weekes puts the perils that often surround immigration front and centre and puts a horror spin on things. He gets great performances from the actors, especially Matt Smith and Sope Dirisu, and knows how to sustain tension.

    It is a huge shame however, that there is an over reliance on CGI ghouls, and it gets dialled up way too much in some scenes. This is a film where less would have been more. If you’re trying to ground the premise in reality, then it would made sense to keep things more psychological.

    The biggest flaw involves one of the twists; It was a twist made for the audience that doesn’t make any sense in terms of the character. There is also some on the nose, over-explanation during the climax.

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    Personally I thought it was really good; like El Duda I'm going to copy my review from the Netflix thread:

    I thought it was really good. Strong performances and solid subtext for the horror bits. I prefer my horror tense and uneasy over jumpy and loud, and His House delivered for me - it's as much about the experience of asylum seekers and immigrants as it is about the titular house. It felt similar to the likes of The Babadook, or Under The Shadow.