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What thet hell is going on here?? A glossary of the games played in the forum

  • 17-05-2021 5:33pm
    Moderators, Recreation & Hobbies Moderators Posts: 16,287 Mod ✭✭✭✭


    Teams of "goodies" (usually described as "villagers") and "baddies" (usually described as wolves) compete to kill each other. Goodies are the majority and need to wipe out the baddies in a regular democratically voted lynch. Baddies get to kill off players regularly and need to survive to the end and reach parity with villagers. Players are given special powers to help them fight for their team.


    There are various versions of this this game:

    Sheep - your basic game of Sheep involves a game mod posing a series of questions which players then PM them the answers to. It's like the game of Family Fortunes where the most popular answer gains the most points. To gain the most popular answer is called "to sheep". Correct answers aren't even required, though are, of course, more likely to score better than incorrect answers. Generally Google (or other research) is allowed.

    Peehs - the opposite of Sheep, here the lowest scoring answer is best - think of the game of Pointless. There is generally a finite number of answers that can be given and players aim to give the most obscure answer. Here answers need to be correct and incorrect answers generally get a penalty of 1.5 times the sheep (most popular) answer. Google is generally not allowed.

    Heeps - like a normal game of Sheep except that the Sheep answer (the most popular answer) scores zero.

    Kangaroo - Like a normal game of Sheep in so much as the highest score wins, but ONLY incorrect answers score points. Any correct answers score zero.

    Elephant - like a normal game of Sheep except answers need to begin with the last letter of the preceeding answer, eg: elephant, tiger, rhino, octopus, sheep.

    In any of these variants other elements can be added, such as bonus rounds or penalty rounds. Once sufficient players have PMed their answers to the game mod, the game mod will create a thread for the reveal.


    Walrus - a game mod will devise various categories of music, movies, TV shows, etc, and players are invited to PM submissions which are then judged by the game mod and ranked in a reveal thread.

    Surlaw - a game mod will list various songs and players do the listening and rank their favourites and overall song ranking is determined.

    More information on Walruses at


    An artistic form of Chinese whispers. A game mod will recruit painters and describers and then PM a picture to the first describer who has 10 words to describe what's going on and PM back the game mod. The game mod then PMs the description on to the first painter, who paints based on the description. Alternating between describers and painters until the end of the chain is released and the game mod reveals the progression of the original picture to the end. Any medium of painting can be used, though traditionally MS Paint is the go-to.

    Ultimate Tournaments

    A game mod holds a knockout contest on pretty much any category you can imagine. Sometimes, they invite players to make nominations or the tournament and sometimes they go with their own choices.
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