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Hydrangea bloom.

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    I moved into a new house last year and bought some hydrangeas and planted them around last July and they were beautiful. This is how the are looking at the moment. Will they bloom this utearor what should I do with them. I’m new to the whole gardening thing.


  • You could cut off the dead stems with the dead flowers from last year being careful to keep the green new shoots. They don't look the healthiest hydrangea I have seen and they may have dried out a bit over the time since planting at a guess from just looking at where they are positioned. I'd not be very confident of flowers this year particularly from the smaller ones but it is possible. Make sure to give them some water if we get very dry weather and I find adding a mulch of manure or compost helps them as well. Bark mulch will not give much nutrient and the planter looks like it may only allow them restricted access to soil as well.
    Happy gardening.