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The Castlewellan Three - only one is still alive.

  • 16-05-2021 5:08pm
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    The two Cullen brothers and George Kirkpatrick - known as 'the Castlewellan Three' - were convicted of the sectarian murder of Francis Rice.

    Cyril Cullen died in 2016. Kirkpatrick passed away recently.

    Eric Cullen is the only one of the trio who is still alive. He has vowed to continue fighting to clear all their names.
    In the 2018 Spotlight programme, serious concerns were raised about the safety of the convictions.

    A forensic psychiatrist questioned the veracity of the confessions and how they could have been admissible in court.

    Even after that Spotlight edition was broadcast, the Rice family said they still believe that the right men were found guilty.

    Despite their grief, I still can't comprehend the Rice family's refusal to entertain the possibility that a miscarriage of justice took place, given many Northern Ireland Catholics' lack of trust in the RUC.