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Work/Life Balance (but lack of progresssion) or Money (but lack of balance)?

  • 14-05-2021 3:35pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1 Careerwoes

    Hi wondering if anyone could help me with this.

    I’ve been working in HR for the last number of years and have kind of grown tired of the industry. Pay is average but I do get to switch off once it turns 5:30pm. The issue I have is that it seems to be taking a while to progress within my field and I want to try something different. I’m not a huge fan of how political HR is...

    I’ve received two offers from two separate companies in different fields.

    1st one - Business Development in a renowned Tech Company, i’d be working to targets and on commission. Money is good and good career progression.

    2nd one - Recruitment Consultant in a small agency. Again, working towards targets and on commission. Money is considerably better.

    I’m confused as to whether I should stay in HR (cushy number but no satisfaction or motivation to do it) or go into sales (recruitment is essentially sales) and miss out on a bit of work/life balance for a greater return on money.

    If it makes a difference, I’m in my mid 20’s, no kids, no house (i’d like to think that if I was working on commission i’d be able to save up for a mortgage)



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    Go for the high paid job for a few years and build up the mortgage fund and then switch back to a cushy number once you get to your goal would be my advice.

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    It entirely depends on where you are in your life really.

    I've done both the fast paced global tech company role where you're on 24/7 for almost ten years and am now in the education sector where we all clock off at 5pm every day.

    Not a chance would I ever go back to the tech industry. Not out of lazyness or not caring about work, I really love my current job but I also love my time off with my family that little bit more...

    However - Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that. You might be left with a rake of 'what ifs..?' if you don't give the higher paid/faster job a go at least once.

    Just be warned that at some point you will look back at your cushier number and wonder why you gave it up, as you cram work at 8-9pm while trying to make a deadline in work the next day.

    More money is great, but I don't necessarily think it's better than time itself.