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Total Immersion or Swim Smooth coaching?

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    I learnt to swim two years ago with Total Immersion - very nervous middle aged female. It's hard to access Total immersion coaching in Ireland - and now I am getting open water coaching, two coaches that I have approached don't like TI, and are suggesting Swim Smooth. I tried to learn to swim for many years before TI, but without success. I really like TI, though I am a slow swimmer, and I understand TI is not great for speed, and Swim Smooth may be better. I don't want to get confused with different methods, but both open water coaches have suggested Swim Smooth - what do people think here? Would really welcome some advice on this.


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    I don't have experience first hand of being coached in either technique although I am familiar with them, so I;ll give my 2c :)

    I've never been a fan of TI, but that's just me. I spent some time swimming with a TI coach and I have to say I wasn't particularly impressed with the way she swam. I know competitive coaches do not like TI.

    I am a fan of swim smooth as it guided me a lot over the initial years of swimming. I would also suggest that it's a better way of swimming for open water as TI tends to concentrate on stroke count whilst SS concentrates on efficiency - I've heard it said that a very low stroke count as advocated by TI can give rise to getting cold in open water.

    I wouldn't get overly concerned at this stage about what technique you would use starting off in open water, just get in and enjoy.

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