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Tuesday 11th May

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    Few nice bets lined up for today

    3.30 Roscommon, Me Too Please. Horse is around 11/10 on the exchange. This is my strongest win bet in a long time. The horse is highly thought of. They are expecting it to win by a decent few lengths.

    No time to write up the rest yet.


  • 2 more bets for me.

    4pm Roscommon, Ilmig. Not liking this horse one bit in this race. Very weak race but just can't see the horse being in the first 3 places. Laying 3 places @ around 5/4

    Last bet in the 4.45 @ Beverley

  • Last bet of the day

    4.45 Beverley, Timeless Soul. Horse is around 7/4 on the exchange and on fairly big drift. However the money is more than likely down already. I've backed the horse at much lower odds and i'm back in again at the bigger odds. They were probably testing the waters last time out when beaten but hopefully will get the job done today.

    I'm out

  • I'm not backing any more tonight i'm done. But if anyone is considering backing the fav in the 5.40 @ Killarney - Bright Idea @ short odds of around 11/8. All I can say is I was told 'it will come on for the run.' I take that as don't back it but I don't know, I didn't put any great effort into studying the race.