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Waiting for Medical over 5 months.

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    Hello everyone im just curious to know i applied for General Service Army in October 2020. I have done my Psychometric test in November then i did my Interview and Fitness test in the same day at the start of December. Im still waiting for my medical over 5 months now.

    I know with covid-19 vaccine role out and such the medicals are gonna be delayed but just wanted to know is everyone else in the same boat, does anyone have an idea when they will be getting them.

    i emailed IDF and just asked for an updated and they said (back in march) that my application was on file and due to the pandemic they were awaiting medicals for 2021. I also got an email from them in April to say the same thing basically but heard nothing since.

    So if anyone has any insight or in the same boat will ya let me know. Cheers.


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