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Anyone want a hit? Dublin.

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    I'm a squash player enjoying the parks and some tennis for a bit. I have to say, I'm used to doing most of my exercising outdoors, it's lovely being in a park on a sunny evening playing tennis.
    I'm in Terenure and use Marley park courts mostly. I hope to have a key to the new courts in Kimmage next week. They are open to the public but times are
    7am to 4pm Monday-Thursday
    7am to 1pm Friday
    8am to 12noon Saturday and closed Sunday.
    They are so nice, it's a pity about opening hours, but they said it's only open when park staff are there to stop vandles.
    Would anyone like a game?
    I'm not a beginner but I put no spin on the ball really and am happy my serves are in.