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Solar panel Help

  • 06-05-2021 5:20pm
    Registered Users Posts: 104 ✭✭ Darkslcie

    So I'm doing some research and it hard to know what to trust and what not to trust.

    So facts :
    I use about 8,000 units per year (yes thats alot)
    I want to reduce my dependence on the ESB
    I have a south facing garage that can fit about 12 panels

    What i've found
    LG seems to be pretty good.
    The "Neon R Prime" at 360 watt comes in about 4,000 euro for the 12 panels.

    seems i'll never be off the grid i dont need a large battery - just a reservoir to dip into. So I was recommend a Pylon us2000 at about 1,000 euro

    So looking at 5,000 euro so far,

    Now i have no idea on PV inverters and find it hard to find any data on them?
    I assume it the inverter that will monitor the push and pull of energy? (via an app or website to see efficiency over time)

    I'm also finding it hard to get recommendations for installers in the West of Ireland.

    Help :)

    I like to do my own research before approaching installers so i better understand what they are offering


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    Not sure anyone can justify the costs of the LG panels or LG batteries, I mean they are good quality but there are other cheaper alternatives.

    These seem to be popular ones and probably cost around €150 a piece or thereabouts depending on wattage
    Longi 375w
    JA Solar

    Inverters there's a few GiveEnergy, GoodWe, Solis and a hybrid one you will need for the battery is around 1000-1500 but not all are compatible with all batteries.

    For the pylontechs, one us2000 battery is 2.4kw which will be too little to make any difference, you'll need two of them realistically. If you search online you can probably get them for around 800 each.

    Look at sties such as misummer, solartricity and price around.